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Pomegranates are mentioned 3 times in the Qur’an. Allah [SWT] says:

And it is He who sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby the growth of all things. We produce from it greenery from which We produce grains arranged in layers. And from the palm trees – of its emerging fruit are clusters hanging low. And [We produce] gardens of grapevines and olives and pomegranates, similar yet varied. Look at [each of] its fruit when it yields and [at] its ripening. Indeed in that are signs for a people who believe. [6:99]


And He it is who causes gardens to grow, [both] trellised and untrellised, and palm trees and crops of different [kinds of] food and olives and pomegranates, similar and dissimilar. Eat of [each of] its fruit when it yields and give its due [zakah] on the day of its harvest. And be not excessive. Indeed, He does not like those who commit excess. [6:141]

and in the 2 Jannahs

. . . are fruit and palm trees and pomegranates. [55:68]

Since February is probably  the last time that I expect to see pomegranates in the grocery store here, I like to make sure that I have some throughout the year .  I buy a few  then take out the seeds and put in Ziploc bags and freeze them. Use them for garnishing salads, Shafuut or even just as cold snacks. They taste yummy!

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This takes so much time but well worth it. I just recently ordered a whole 5 month-old goat, of course slaughtered and asked them to leave the stomach, small intestines, feet, kidneys, liver, heart, head etc. because I want to include some Yemeni delicacies on my blog for those of you interested. I called my mum today and asked her the best and fastest way [if there is such a thing]  to clean the stomach lining, and then I spent about  3 hours doing it. So, I am sharing this.

When you get the stomach liming it’ll be a funny color, dark green. That layer has to come off. Some just wash it and then use it with the green on [which is the grass eaten by the goat], but like mine scraped off and cleaned because that’s how my mother used to do it, and that’s how I have eaten it all my life. You can see the contrast in this picture here of the before it is cleaned and after it is cleaned:

Dark layer on right needs to be scraped off, leaving it white/pinkish like on left

For the dark layer to come off easily, you will need a very sharp paring knife. Bring some water to a rolling boil, and keep to your side. Wear some gloves so that you don’t burn your hands. In the sink take the whole stomach lining and spread it out, and then pour the boiling water on the part you are cleaning, then start scraping it off. It should come off easily if your knife is sharp enough. Continue doing that until it is very clean like in the picture.

Soak in vinegar and water

Soak in 1 cup of vinegar and two cups of cold water for an hour to get ride of the smell. In the meantime wash the small intestines by attaching one end to the faucet and letting it fill up with water until it runs clear.

Now it is time to assemble. Cut up the stomach lining into squares with a pair of kitchen scissors , about the size of your palm. Roll each up like you would a roll, and tie it in place with a piece of small intestine [like a string] and knot. The rest you can leave as squares.  I freeze these by wrapping about 8 or so in plastic wrap and put them in a Ziploc bag, so I can use them in stews, Kabsat, soups. Insha Allah as soon as I use them will be posting recipes on the blog.

Piles of square pieces of cleaned stomach lining

Nicely wrapped with small intestines

Cut into squares

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