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This is my favorite fava bean recipe because it’s simple yet incredibly delicious,  and also because it reminds me of  my favorite moments with my Dad, Allah Yirhamoh. Late at night, Dad and I would  eat this with fried eggs. It’s perfect for breakfast, supper or Sahoor. The ingredients are :

  1. A can of fava beans (these are the ones I recommend:  or 2)

  2. 3 clove of garlic finely minced

  3. 2 tablespoons of ghee

  4. 1/8 tsp of freshly ground black pepper

  5. salt to taste

Empty the can of fava beans into a bowl and coarsely mash with a fork. Then Place a deep frying pan, under medium heat, and add the fava beans. Then add the minced garlic, black pepper, salt and 1 tbs of ghee. Let boil for 10 minutes under low heat. Do not let it dry–if it does then add some water. After 1o minutes, pour onto a serving platter and sprinkle with the remainder of the ghee. Serve hot with Yemeni bread, or Naan. For added flavor, toast the Yemeni or Naan bread–see picture above.



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Zhoum — زوم


This is a white sauce made from either yogurt or buttermilk eaten with Aseed. Creamy , tangy and lip-smacking delicious. It’s very easy to make. You will need:

  1. 2 cups of buttermilk (which is my preference), but you can also use a 1 cup of whole milk yogurt and 1 cup of water.

  2. 2 tablespoons of white flour

  3. 1 tsp of cumin

  4. 1/4 tsp of oregano

  5. salt to taste

  6. small saucepan

  7. a whisk

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend well. Then take the small saucepan and place under high heat*, and pour the blended ingredients and start vigorously whisking. Continuously. Don’t stop. If you do, the contents might develop stubborn lumps that will be very hard to get rid of. Once it starts boiling and thickening then turn it off. It should coat a tablespoon. Serve hot over Aseed either alone or with the brown sauce detailed here.

*originally, it is cooked over low heat and whisked continuously until the temperature rises and the mixture thickens but more often than not, if you are not careful it will develop lumps. The way I recommend guarantees zero lumps and takes less time. 

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