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Ginger is mentioned in the Qur’an as being one of the flavors of the drinks in Jannah [Paradise].

Allah [Subahanahu Wa Ta’ala] says, “And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of ginger” [76:17]

Here’s a simple drink made from fresh ginger on earth in anticipation insha Allah of things to come in the Jannah of the Hereafter. This recipe was given to me by my Sister Arwa Almas. You will need:

1)  Fresh ginger, about the size of your forefinger  [comes to about 2 tbslp] or less if that’s too strong for you. Washed and peeled.

2) 1 cup of cold water

3) honey to sweeten to taste [or sugar if you prefer]

In a blender place all ingredients, and blend until they all come together. Sieve, and pour into glass. Adjust the sweetness if necessary. Refrigerate or add some ice cubes and enjoy.


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This recipe was shared by my sister Arwa Almas who has just moved to Maryland from Yemen to join her husband Abdullah. It’s actually my brother in laws recipe.

In a blender add (for two)

1) 2 cups crushed ice
2) 1 can of  crushed, diced or sliced Pineapple WITH juice (I used a 20 Oz. can)
3) 1/2 a 13.5floz of Coconut Cream
4) 1/2 cup of cream or condensed milk

Blend, pour into classes, serve and enjoy!

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