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Tuna and Yoghurt Salad

I got this recipe from my sister, Arwa Almas. I just adapted it to my taste. You will need:

1) two small cans of gourmet solid tuna in either extra virgin olive oil [ or water]

2) half an onion [red or yellow] coarsely chopped

3) 3 tblp of finely chopped cilantro

4) 1 cup plain Greek yogurt. I whisk it so it’s nice and smooth

5) Salt to taste

6) Fresh ground pepper

7) 1 small FIRM Roma tomato

8) 1 green chilly pepper [less if you don’t like it spicy]

9) clove of garlic [optional]

10) Juice of half a lemon

In a blender, place ingredients 7 through 10 with 1 tblsp of cilantro. Blend well, will look like green chutney [condiment]. Place aside. Strain the oil or water from the cans of tuna. Arrange the tuna–in chunks– on a serving platter. Whisk the yogurt with a dash of salt, until it is nice and smooth. Layer on top of the tuna. Spoon the green chutney [condiment] on top evenly. Garnish with the rest of the cilantro. Serve with warm pita bread.

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Fried Tilapia

You will need:

1) 5 Tilapia fillets–skin on is best as it holds it together, since Tilapia is such a delicate fish

2) 5 tblsp of red chilly paste–make your own by soaking some red dried Mexican chillies overnight and then process them in the food processor with a little water. Make sure its smooth.

3) 1 tsp of ground cumin

4) 1 tsp of ground coriander

5) salt to taste

6) 3 gloves of garlic finely minced

7) 1 medium tomato diced

8) tblsp of finely chopped cilantro

9) 1/4 cup of oil for frying (either Canola or Olive Oil)

Mix ingredients 2-6 and keep aside. Wash the fish well with cold water and place in the red chillies, garlic and spice mixture. cover the fish well, and fry them. About 2 min for each Tilapia. In the remainder of the mixture,  add the tomatoes and cilantro and place in the oil and fry until it thickens and then pour on the fish. Serve with bread.

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